The good story is an important part of the game. It is not linear, but players have the opportunity to greatly influence the gameplay. The plot follows is appropriate, however, in terms of the game, even if the player is free to roam the Talaria.

RPG plot a nutshell is the player character's evolution of the adventures of the experience gained through. Money, goods, fame, etc. are collected as in real life, but all of this is happening in your players away. Stepped on an imaginary realm where everything is possible within the limits of morality.

Consequences of moral

RPG's morale is usually divided into three areas: law-abiding, neutral, and kaaottinen. Morale determines what a character can do. The general rule is that when a character is selected, standard, its replacement is not possible or reasonable. Morality can not determine what the character can cast spells, or use the player can kill the good people. Chaotical person can kill them without penalty, but the law-abiding, this is not possible.

Good and Evil

The fate of castle depends on the player's decisions. Choosing a half-orcs, he is responsible for the destruction of the castle types. Bailing the castle and killing the dragon, he will be the people's hero. However, the world is not black and white, good and bad, but there is a castle that kind of orcs. Adventure bounce castle maze, the caves and the surrounding forests. What is certain is that, on any side of the player chooses, the pain and the tears can not be avoided. World is waiting for a savior and blood fulfill their dreams.