Play is turn-based, and is very similar to Nethack or Ultima. The aim has been to make a game where the player can do what he wants to manufacture for example gunpowder or own weapons. The game has a number of character classes fought their magic and class selection does not affect the players restrictive. Mages can use swords. Naturally, the class affects the player's characteristics, such as strength and agility.


Graphics in the game is created 48x48 sized blocks. The size of the blocks can be implemented in larger graphics objects. The number of colors is 24-bit. The game animation has been implemented in 3 frames. There are about 800 different pictures.

(kuva puuttuu knight_home.png)


The game sounds in creating the atmosphere are very important. Listening to the sounds of monsters defective reasoning can determine the type and location of the monster.

The game sound effects consist of digitized samples. The purpose of sounds is to inform the player. There are lot of different monsters that have their own voice. The sounds are 16-bit.

Multi player

The main feature is a multi-gaming network. One computer is the server and running the game, the other players connect to this computer. Multi-game supports multiple simultaneous players. Certain quests require enough players before the quest can begin.

You can start a single player game or multi player game from the main menu, allowing you to play along with a friend.

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Shopkeepers sells and buys items. They need raw material from you, for example they buy horse meat and sell food rations. Horses are running wild in the fields of greenstone area when you have completed the quest of "Close water gates".

(kuva puuttuu shopping.png)

(kuva puuttuu mage_skram.png)