RPG character evolution

An important part of the role-playing game is the character evolution. The aim is to improve your character's abilities such as strength, agility, intelligence, etc. character develops through experience points. When a given level of experience required score is met, the player will level and his ability to grow the number of points. Experience Points are awarded for killing enemies and completing quests. What is important is that the character will stay alive for several adventures the time, it was not until high levels of experience in the former tasks are easier and the player is able to accept greater challenges.

In the game the player gets experience points by killing or by making tasks. Experience points are needed to rise a level. Each character category contains 30 different levels. Rising levels occurs more rapidly at the beginning of slowing down when going to the highest levels.

(kuva puuttuu tutorial.jpg)
You can practice the playing in tutorial.


Character levels of experience gained, he will get new features. For example, his spells are getting better or he can use better weapons or shields. This allows for new adventures, which would have previously been too difficult to play a character. It is also possible that the rules of the game expanding levels of experience.