RPG takes place normally a different world than ours. Magic and gods are in great importance role in these games. Very popular are the eras and the future of the Middle Ages. These worlds have their own pre-regulated laws, and game events follow.

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In normal role playing game world is governed by the laws of the game as a whole just head knowledge. He is also the ultimate interpreter of them. The role of computer games the laws are much more stringent, so flexibility is not like a computer feeling. Laws govern mm. how the battles will take place and what kind of goods does each character class can be used.

The games play the role of a character is selected character class. This determines the kind of features the game character gets. The character is sort of like occupation: a magician uses magic and fighter weapons, etc. character classes to the most interesting game character death is maintained, even if the game should start from the beginning. The game is the game and the character development is very different for example, between the priest and the robber.

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Here is a former camp of orcs. Some lawful persons have broken it. Orcs love to drink potions that makes them feel good. Later in the night orcs come to town and break places. Sometimes you meet orcs in grain bar.

Play is turn-based, and is very similar to Nethack or Ultima. The aim has been to make a game where the player can do what he wants to manufacture for example gunpowder or own weapons. The game has a number of character classes fought their magic and class selection does not affect the players restrictive. The mage can use swords and guns. Naturally, the class affects the player's characteristics, such as strength and agility.