Talaria is a group of islands, the island is divided into Odmin, Central and South Talaria. There are three chief god Todor (chaotic), Natru (neutralizing) and Wellum (lawful). In addition, there are a number of local gods. Gods are worshiped since time immemorial, but only six hundred years ago began to build a large religious center.


The world of Seikka is made up of dozens of different areas: from the mountain glaciers in the deep underground cave lakes. Movement takes place either on foot, by plane or by swimming, and the player is also possible to travel by boat or by horse. Of course, travel is a way relevant to the travel time.

The map of Talaria


Talaria is a dozen or more city, and hundreds of different communities. The capital city is Talar, with a history dating back thousands of years. Due to its location, it is an important trade center. Population in Talar is up to 1500 and it is the royal city of Talaria. Most of the residents are people, but some of the elves and dwarves living in the city. Qua is a fortress, which was built in less than prisons. Poorly profitable farming has changed the city's weapons and armor income CDT. Qua is the magic center Talaria and its ancient libraries of books. Qua is a city whose ties tightly around the Circumstance.


Talaria is a group of islands that populate the fabled creatures of the past. We are living in the Middle Ages before the inventions of modern society. Witchcraft and evil forces of human presence is visible in everyday life. Elves, dwarves, and people live in co-existence and battle orcs, goblins and many other forces of evil minions have increased alarmingly in recent years.


Most of the island kind of income is derived from agriculture and trade. Talaria army has grown over the years and the losses against the evil people are driving to the southern parts of the island. The gods are an important part of everyday life, and they control the destinies of.

The world of Seikka is made up of dozens of different areas, so the castles, the caves of the forest. Populate the world, hundreds of different monsters that use thousands of different sets of objects. The player is able to move on land, at sea and in the air.

The story takes place around the castle Quan, the fate of the battle. Quan caves below the castle is buried dragon is coming alive. If a player wants to be a kind of castle, the task is to destroy the dragon. If he chooses orcs side, the task is to save the dragon and destroy the castle.


The game has a few hundred ordinary characters who can talk to the player, or sell and buy goods. Monsters intelligence is the focus of attention and responsiveness influence, including a monster of their own intellect and experience. Monsters can develop as much as the players, the game everyone can do the same with what the player.