Mr Seek

Mr Seek is a adventure game with more than 20 screens. You start the game on surface and you find gold, water, food, oxygen, cliffs, witch and different monsters in caves. You get advices from witch if you pay first for example 10 gold. Those advices help you to play it through. If you pay little you get false advices. If you pay generously you get really good advices.

Teknopiste Oy published the game on year 1985 for Spectravideo SVI-328 and MSX compatible computers. The game is stored on C-casette and it is loaded into memory in 15 minutes. The game used almost all available memory (29Kb). The program was written with Microsoft Basic. My Spectravideo still works fine. Do you own the casette of Mr Seek?

I have found these pictures from various web addresses.

More pictures of the game

Download SV-328 emulator for Windows: BlueMSX

Download casette image of the game

MikroBITTI February 1986

There are game reviews, including Mr Seek, starting from page 58 to page 59.

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Juho Kuorikoski has written a complete book about games in Finland. You can read the review of Mr Seek on page 24.

You can order the book online.

From dices to bytes

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200 years of finnish gaming is in Finnish national library

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